What is IPTV XtrixTV-IPTV Premium 2023

Xtrixtv IPTV stands out as the best IPTV Premium 2023 service in the UK, celebrated for its top-tier features and a broad range of channels. Compatible with Android devices, it caters to a diverse audience by offering over 1300 live channels, including premium content from the UK, Australia, and Europe. This service is a sports fan’s haven, providing live access to football, boxing, and other major sporting events, along with entertainment, movies, and much more. Its dual accessibility feature allows users to effortlessly switch between mobile and TV screens, enhancing viewing flexibility.

This comprehensive review dives into IPTV XtrixTV’s offerings. Whether you’re into sports, movies, or family entertainment, IPTV XtrixTV promises to transform your viewing experience with unparalleled quality and variety.

IPTV Premium 2023: Xtrixtv IPTV

Explore the ultimate IPTV Premium 2023 experience with Xtrixtv IPTV, the UK’s leading IPTV service, offering unmatched entertainment options. Xtrixtv IPTV, with its vast array of features, stands as the top pick for UK audiences seeking quality viewing.

With over 1300 live channels, including 280+ dedicated sports channels and 170+ premium UK channels covering sports, news, and entertainment, Xtrixtv IPTV caters to a diverse range of preferences. The service also boasts an expansive VOD library, presenting over 3000 titles across various genres such as movies, TV series, children’s content, and more, ensuring something for everyone.

Xtrixtv IPTV enhances user experience with added benefits like a 7-day catch-up and PVR capabilities, allowing for flexible content management. Stream smoothly and enjoy high-quality content with a reliable internet connection. Backed by a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and 24/7 support, Xtrixtv IPTV offers a seamless and comprehensive entertainment solution.

Begin your IPTV Premium journey with Xtrixtv IPTV through a free 3-day trial, inviting you to discover the rich features and extensive content library that affirm its position as the premier IPTV service in the UK.

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IPTV Premium 2023: Exploring the Unrivaled Features of XtrixTV IPTV

  • Extensive Collection of Over 1300 Live TV Channels
  • Extensive Library Featuring 3000+ VOD Movies and Series
  • Exclusive Premium Channels and Exciting Pay-Per-View (PPV) Events
  • Comprehensive 7-Day TV Guide (EPG) for Effortless Scheduling
  • Enhanced Favorites Feature for Swift Access
  • Convenient 7-Day Catch-Up (Playback) Capability
  • Innovative IPTV Recording with Cloud PVR
  • Enjoy a 3-day IPTV Free Trial to Begin Exploring
  • Immediate Activation for Seamless IPTV Services
  • Accessible 24/7 with Round-the-Clock Customer Support
  • Supported by a Reliable and Robust Server Infrastructure
  • Unaffected by ISP Blocking
  • Availability in Multiple Regions, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Australia, and More

What Services Does IPTV Premium Provide?

Before deciding to choose an IPTV provider, it is crucial to know what the provider offers. The XtrixTV IPTV offers services that include:

Extensive Live channels


XtrixTV IPTV offers a wide range of live channels, with over 1300+ options. These channels cater to audiences from various countries, including the UK, Ireland, and European nations, among others. It covers a diverse array of sports, ranging from football and basketball to hockey, field hockey, racing, boxing, and more. This comprehensive selection ensures that sports enthusiasts, regardless of their sporting preferences, can enjoy a complete viewing experience.

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3000+ Video on Demand (VOD)


XtrixTV IPTV’s premium VOD sports section presents an expansive and all-encompassing library of sporting events, spanning both timeless classics and recent matches. This holds particular excitement for boxing aficionados, as it allows them to revisit those thrilling moments repeatedly. In addition to sports video-on-demand, XtrixTV IPTV offers a diverse selection of popular and up-to-the-minute movies and TV shows, catering to the preferences of television enthusiasts. Whether you seek to relive epic sports highlights or catch up on the latest entertainment trends, XtrixTV IPTV has everything you need!

Recorded Video (REC)


This service allows you to record your favorite TV shows, movies, and live sports events in 20 files/40 hours in total.

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Subtitle Setting


XtrixTV enriches your viewing experience with its extensive subtitle options. Users can choose from multiple languages and set their preferred one as default, ensuring a personalized and exceptional viewing experience.

7 Days Catch-up


As we are aware, providing Catchup TV is a significant cost for IPTV providers. For each live channel they offer in their Catchup service, they must record every program for a specified number of days. This is precisely why only a handful of internet TV companies provide catch-up services, and even when they do, it’s typically limited to 48 hours or 2 days of catch-up content.

However, XtrixTV stands out by offering an impressive 7-day catch-up feature, and this is excellent news for users. With this extensive 7-day catch-up option, users no longer need to worry about staying up late or setting alarms to catch their favorite shows.

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EPG: Your Ultimate TV Guide


XtrixTV offers three distinct Electronic Program Guides (EPG) options: Normal EPG, Classic EPG, and Grid EPG. These EPGs cover a wide range of channels, providing detailed scheduling information. Unlike many other providers that charge extra for EPG access, XtrixTV includes it as part of their service, adding significant value for users. This versatility in EPG styles allows viewers to tailor their experience to specific tastes, whether they prefer a clean and straightforward schedule view or a more traditional layout, enhancing their overall enjoyment of the service.

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Add Favorites


Inside the XtrixTV app, you’ll discover a seamless way to create your own customized collection of favorite channels. When your constellation of favorites is thoughtfully assembled, the once arduous task of searching through a multitude of channels for your preferred program becomes a thing of the past. The mechanics behind this feature are elegantly simple; with just a long press of the OK button on your remote control, while watching a channel, you can effortlessly add it to your collection of favorites, ensuring that your viewing experience is tailored to your tastes.

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3 Day Free Trial

Testing a service before committing to a subscription is crucial to ensure it aligns with your entertainment preferences. Xtrixtv IPTV offers a 3-day free trial, allowing users to explore its features and content. During this trial, users can access a wide range of channels, on-demand content, and sports coverage to evaluate its suitability. Feedback from trial users has been highly positive, highlighting the extensive channel selection, catch-up options, and user-friendly interface. This firsthand experience enables individuals to make well-informed decisions about subscribing to Xtrixtv IPTV.


IPTV Free Trial

  • 1300+ Live channels,
  • 3000+ Movies & Series
  • 3-Day Free Trial Available!
  • 7-Days Catch-UP and Cloud PVR
  • TV Guide (EPG)
  • Supported to Android & Firestick
  • Reliable & Stable Server

Premium IPTV: IPTV XtrixTV subscription plan

When considering an IPTV subscription in the UK, the subscription price becomes a crucial consideration, given the diverse range of available plans in the market. For example, certain providers charge as high as $15 per month for access to a restricted array of channels. Such a restricted IPTV UK package might not meet your cost-effectiveness expectations.

Now, let’s dive into XtrixTV’s subscription pricing, which combines a host of enticing features and add-ons at budget-friendly rates. XtrixTV presents three distinct subscription options: XtrixTV (Blue), XtrixTV Plus (Red), and XtrixTV Plus Sub-device. Both the Plus version and Sub-device version provide identical channels and functionalities, catering to those who desire comprehensive access. On the other hand, the standard XtrixTV (Blue) version offers a unique selection of channels and features.


These subscription levels provide flexibility and versatility, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their entertainment needs and preferences.



What’s the best IPTV for FireStick UK?

XtrixTV IPTV is my top choice for the best IPTV service on Firestick. It offers a wide range of live channels and sports events, along with various channel content, including live video, video-on-demand, and movies. You can easily subscribe to and watch their content by installing the APK program they provide on Firestick.

Does IPTV have a catch-up?

XtrixTV IPTV features an excellent catch-up functionality, allowing you to revisit any moment from the past seven days to catch up on missed content, ensuring you won’t miss out on crucial moments.

What is the most stable IPTV in the UK?

XtrixTV IPTV is the most stable IPTV service I’ve ever used. It offers a wide range of sports channels and sports events from countries like the UK and Ireland, along with a variety of channel content.

What is the best IPTV subscription in the UK?

XtrixTV is renowned as the top IPTV subscription service in the UK, acclaimed for its reliability and expansive channel lineup, particularly in the realm of sports content. With XtrixTV, you can access more than 200 premium sports channels, take advantage of a 7-day Catch-Up feature, and enjoy Cloud PVR capabilities. All of this is available starting at just $19.99 per month, and you can kickstart your XtrixTV experience with a complimentary 3-day IPTV free trial.

Final Thought

IPTV XtrixTV is the epitome of entertainment solutions, providing a flawless and engrossing viewing experience for IPTV UK audiences. With its wide array of high-definition channels, extensive video-on-demand library, and cutting-edge features like customizable Electronic Program Guides (EPG), IPTV XtrixTV is reshaping the way viewers in the UK access and relish their beloved content. The presence of various subscription tiers allows users to customize their experience, making it an adaptable option for entertainment aficionados.

Choosing IPTV XtrixTV means not only gaining access to a plethora of entertainment options but also experiencing top-notch customer service, a user-friendly interface, and the convenience of a 3-day IPTV subscription free trial. With this service, viewers can immerse themselves in a world of captivating shows, live sports events, movies, and more, all within the confines of a reliable and legal streaming platform. Embrace the future of television with IPTV XtrixTV, the best IPTV service in the UK, where entertainment knows no bounds.

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